My Raspberry Pi 5 Setup

I managed to get my hands on a very tiny Raspberry Pi 5 computer.

I purchased my Raspberry Pi 5 from Central Computers.

Here is what I bought:

I am booting my Raspberry Pi 5 from an SSD drive that I already had. If you buy the official power supply, you can power two SSD drives right from the Pi USB 3.0 ports.

I strongly suggest booting your Pi from an SSD. This dramatically speeds up your Pi's disk access.

If you do choose to run your Pi from a MicroSD card, I think that the SAMSUNG PRO Ultimate 128GB microSDXC Memory Card should work great.

Raspberry Pi OS

You also need the operating system. You can download that here. Central Computers offers the option to purchase the operating system on a MicroSD memory card, however, the operating system they offer is the old version and probably won't work with the Pi 5.